Written by Amy Sherman and published by Made to Flourish.

“What am I supposed to do when I graduate?” Recently on a college campus, I heard again that plaintive, perennial cry. Vocational discernment is no easy matter and many 20-somethings feel real angst. If only I could offer definitive guidance! But of course I can’t. No one can. God could if He wanted to, but from my 51 years of observation I’d say that the burning bush is a rarity. He usually lets us choose from among many good options, all of which are perfectly fine in His eyes.

But while it’s difficult to say with precision what career a particular Christian should take up, it is possible to suggest some overarching vocational aims to pursue. Here are five—each with a story to illustrate.

1. Conserving as Salt

Jesus calls us to be the salt of the earth. That means plenty of things. One of them is to preserve that which is good.

Harrison Higgins is a carpenter who is preserving the art of fine craftsmanship. He uses the same kinds of hand tools as did furniture makers from a hundred years ago. He revels in the beauty of natural woods and uses them, not chintzy particle board, for his creations. His goal is to make furniture that literally will last for a century. His work is “salty” because trough this approach to his vocation, Higgins is preserving something valuable from the past. And, by seeking to make furniture that is truly durable he is resisting the corruption of our culture’s ethic of disposability.

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Photo by Brandon Hook, FULLER Studio.

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