It’s Time to Talk About Power

November 1, 2016By C&MArticle, Other Partners

Written by Andy Crouch. Originally published by Christianity Today. This Sunday, thousands of pastors will prepare for worship. Some of them will wear distinctive clothing—the albs and stoles of liturgical churches echo ancient priestly garments. But many more pastors will wear nothing that marks them out as different from their congregations. Walk into many of … Read More

Voices on Vocation

October 31, 2016By C&MArticle, Other Partners

Originally published by FULLER Studio. “Vocations are not just the domain of monasteries and priesthoods, but of marketplace, homes, and professions. Since the call of Jesus is first and foremost to discipleship, none are excluded.” + Tod Bolsinger, in his guest-edited FULLER magazine on vocation. This generous view of vocation is part of the Fuller “DNA” … Read More

Five Aims of Vocation

October 30, 2016By C&MArticle, Other Partners

Written by Amy Sherman and published by Made to Flourish. “What am I supposed to do when I graduate?” Recently on a college campus, I heard again that plaintive, perennial cry. Vocational discernment is no easy matter and many 20-somethings feel real angst. If only I could offer definitive guidance! But of course I can’t. … Read More

7 Ways to Find Meaning at Work

October 16, 2016By C&MArticle, Other Partners

Written by David Brooks and Arthur Brooks and originally published by The Atlantic. Several years ago, Gallup asked people in 142 countries to respond to a series of statements designed to measure employee engagement—involving matters like their job satisfaction, whether they felt their work was important, and whether they had opportunities in the workplace to … Read More

The Wise Worker is Just

October 6, 2016By C&MArticle, Other Partners

Originally published by the Theology of Work Project. The proverbs do not stop with commending generosity but go further to claim that caring for the poor is a matter of justice. First, the proverbs recognize that people are often poor because the rich and powerful defraud or oppress them. Or, if they were already poor, they … Read More