Our Vision

Church & Marketplace is inspired by a vision of millions of marketplace workers encouraged and equipped by their churches to integrate their faith with their daily work as a crucial element of whole-life discipleship. These churches understand that their ministry happens not just when the church is gathered for worship and mission, but also when it is scattered in the world, including the workplace. Faith/work integration is an essential element of the DNA of these churches, touching every part of church life. This is the result of collaboration among pastors, staff, and members, who dream, plan, and take action together.

Our Key Partners

Made to Flourish

Oikonomia Network

Theology of Work Project

Cascade Fellows

Flourish San Diego

Denver Institute for Faith and Work

Vocation and Formation at Fuller Seminary

Hundreds of marketplace leaders

Dozens of churches

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Our Team



Dr. Mark D. Roberts is the executive director for the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. With years of experience as a pastor and non-profit leader as well as a mentor to leaders in business and other fields, Mark is deeply committed to helping the Church & Marketplace network serve leaders in the marketplace, education, government, non-profits, arts, family, and the church. Mark is married to Linda, a licensed therapist, spiritual director, and executive coach. Linda and Mark enjoy speaking together at churches and retreat centers on issues of discipleship, spiritual growth, leadership, and marriage. They have two children who are students on the East Coast.

Read Mark Roberts’s detailed bio here.



Meggie is a Fuller Seminary graduate (MDiv, ’16) with a passion for Christian ethics. In any given context, Meggie feels called to put into practice Kingdom-oriented ethics in both word and deed. Meggie finds fulfillment from working alongside others to bring about justice, redemption, and holistic transformation. Most recently, Meggie has been involved in community organizing efforts across Los Angeles County. She also helped develop a new project at Fuller that emphasizes the sacred acts of hospitality and storytelling (see more about the Story Table here). Though she hails from Colorado, Meggie currently resides in Altadena, California and considers Los Angeles home.



Wenonie Ling has worked in numerous non-profits, from producing cultural events to providing resources for underserved communities. She has also served in the areas of children’s, student, and worship ministries.

A Fuller grad, Wenonie earned her M.A. in Worship, Theology, & the Arts. A lifelong learner who enjoys the creative process, she has studied costume, dance, and video production at the University of California, Irvine, graduating with a B.A. in Theatre. She later received her certificate in Fashion Design from California State University, Los Angeles, and has also studied Asian Pacific Theatre & Dance at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.



Michaela’s work focuses on helping others achieve impact in their context. First, she does this as an entrepreneur and creative producer at Long Winter Media — an agency that creates branding and videos to support organizations making an impact. Additionally, Michaela works as a professor, consultant, and researcher to craft processes that help leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations reflect and have impact on the world’s toughest problems. Michaela’s forthcoming dissertation focuses on practices that contribute to the formation of successful theological entrepreneurs. She is very grateful to work with the De Pree Center team on this important project.